Autumn is filled with abundant traps for your oral health. We love to enjoy our hot drinks like tea, coffee and soups during this colourful season but need to protect our teeth while enjoying these drinks and any sugary treats.

It is no secret that coffee, tea and sticky candy often cling to our teeth, increasing the likelihood of discolouration and cavities. Dental Concepts can provide you some useful tips to follow this autumn to maintain your oral health, so you can fully enjoy the colors of autumn with a happy smile.

Five Tips To Oral Health This Autumn

1. Reduce your intake of Tea and Coffee

Surprised? Of course tea and coffee are are great beverage drinks and are best enjoyed hot in Autumn, ideally with the company of a good book near the fireplace 🙂 But these can stain teeth and the high temperatures from these beverages can accelerate the staining and discoloration. We at Dental Concepts recommend switching to other healthier alternatives like green tea or soups, which are packed with benefits to your health. And we cannot stress enough on brushing and flossing regularly and properly if you cannot moderate your cuppa.

2. Avoid sticky foods

With Halloween round the corner, there will be a lot of sweet sticky treats which are really tempting! Sticky candy tend to cling to your teeth, creating an ideal environment for breeding bacteria resulting in cavities. Instead of eating the gummy bears, switch to dissolving candy but in moderation to avoid the tooth decay to increase.

3. Drink plenty of water

Water will not only keep you hydrated and clean your system, it will remove traces of sweets and candy from your teeth. Drinking water after meals and snacks helps to cancel out any acids formed due to the sugary foods more quickly. Drinking water will help you produce more bacteria-fighting saliva, and in the end, help reduce your chances of gum disease. Not only that, but drinking plenty of water will also help rinse out bacteria that hasn’t yet taken root in the plaque.

Instead of bottled water, drink fluorinated tap water, which can help prevent cavities.

4. Protect your mouth with these seasonal foods

Autumn is a great season which rewards us with food that helps us facilitate our oral hygiene.

Apples are a great Autumn treat. They are high in fibre and water content. The crunchy foods help mouth to naturally produce saliva which contains bacteria-neutralizing agents that protect your teeth from decay. So throw some apple slices into your work lunch or the kid’s school lunch and reap the healthy rewards of this sweet and yummy snack.

Pumpkins are vegetables of the season and they match the colour of Autumn as well. Not only popular for Halloween, the pumpkin is a nutrient dense food, full of minerals and vitamins that are important for your oral health. (zinc, magnesium, beta carotene, vitamin A, Vitamin C) So it is a vegetable superfood to be enjoyed this season. Pumpkin seeds are also nutrient packed especially fibre and phosphorus, along with protein, calcium, and iron. Tooth enamel is made of calcium and phosphorus, so eating foods rich in these minerals will help to keep your teeth strong. And iron helps to keep your tongue healthy.

5. Visit your dentist at Dental Concepts

The best way to ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy is to visit the dentist regularly. No matter what your problem is, we are here to help you be smart about your oral health. You can now become an exclusive member of the practice (TLC membership) which includes consultations with the dentist, hygiene appointments, discounts on your treatments, emergency cover, discounts from local businesses in your area and lots more, all for a small amount per month. Check with the practice for more details on TLC Membership.

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01 Feb, 2020

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