If your love-life is lacklustre it is easy to begin losing self-confidence, to wonder if your personality is lacking, but perhaps there is another reason why you’re not having any luck. Have you taken a look at your smile recently?

The Effect of a Less than Perfect Smile

If your teeth are less than perfect then you might have got into the habit of hiding your smile behind your hand, or keeping your lips closed. An easy way to check is to take a look at your selfies, online pics and profiles. Keeping your mouth closed or covered while smiling can make it seem as if you are standoffish or cold, rather than just anxious about your teeth.

Whether we like it or not, we all tend to judge others by appearance, only taking the time to get to know someone after we have established we find them attractive. A survey done a few years ago found that 58% of men view nice teeth as a must-have for their potential partner. Women are even pickier, with teeth getting a top rating of 71% and you may only have a few seconds to make a positive impression. A nice smile also helps to boost confidence, automatically increasing your appeal. So how will a smile makeover help you?

Why Not Begin with a Hygiene Treatment for a Sparkling Smile and Fresher Breath?

A great smile requires healthy teeth so preventative dental care is super important. A hygiene appointment is an easy way to get a lovely clean mouth and fresher breath, and you’ll get some great tips on how to look after your teeth at home. Having your teeth gently polished will help them to sparkle and can remove some surface stains.

You don’t need to see a dentist at the same time, but we definitely encourage it, especially if it has been a while or if you are interested in finding out about improving your smile. We have some wonderful treatments to help you.