Teeth Whitening - Before
Teeth Whitening - Before
Teeth Whitening - After
Teeth Whitening - After

Teeth Whitening

Teeth are stained by the foods and drinks we consume. Smoking further stains teeth and the natural bright, white shade becomes darkened.

Teeth whitening is a simple, non-invasive cosmetic dental treatment that can change the color of your natural tooth enamel and enhance the beauty of your smile.

Teeth whitening is a successful and simple method of lightening the colour of your teeth. The degree of whiteness achieved will vary from patient to patient and with the type of bleaching process chosen.

Teeth Whitening
Enlighten Whitening
Teeth Whitening

More than 100,000 people get teeth whitening treatment in the UK every year.

There are a number of ways to whiten teeth. You’ve probably seen tons of over-the-counter whitening products at your local medical store, from whitening toothpastes to rinses to whitening strips and other types of DIY at-home treatments.

Teeth whitening carried out in beauty salons by untrained staff or staff without dental qualifications puts your oral health at risk and is also illegal.

The single most effective and safe way to whiten teeth is with a professional teeth whitening session in your dentist’s practice.

Enlighten Premium Teeth Whitening

Enlighten Evolution Premium Whitening is a combination treatment meaning that there is a 2 week home treatment followed by a 1 hour visit to the dentist.

It works by increasing the tooth‘s permeability to oxygen which breaks down stain molecules. It is one of the world’s best performing teeth whitening treatment and guarantees long lasting excellent results if done correctly, with low sensitivity.

Dental Concepts is the Enlighten Regional Centre For Excellence for Hampshire which means all the dentists and the team are well trained in providing the treatment efficiently and we means the all the premium standards required to be a Centre of Excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions for Enlighten Teeth Whitening

How white will my teeth get?

Enlighten Whitening can whiten up to 16 shades. Results vary, but if used correctly all teeth will whiten dramatically. Natural teeth rarely look too white. Sometimes very white crowns can look wrong because they are made of porcelain.

Will my crowns, veneers or fillings change colour?

No, sometimes you may need to change some of these after whitening.

Is it safe? Is there any pain?

It is completely safe. The materials used in Enlighten Whitening have been used in dentistry for over 100 years. You may get some sensitivity, however your dentist will give you easy to use desensitising swabs to take home, which will work immediately. You will also receive a tube of Tooth Serum toothpaste to brush with while you wait for your trays. This also helps with sensitivity.

How long does it take? How long does it last?

Two weeks after the dentist delivers your Enlighten Whitening trays. These are thin and comfortable and must be worn in bed for 14 nights. Then on the 15th day you need to see us for the second treatment, which takes only 40 minutes.

Results can last indefinitely with some very simple maintenance. Wearing the trays for 1 night every other month. Continuing to brush with Tooth Serum Toothpaste will also prolong results.

Investment ranges from £395 (Home Whitening) to £595 (Premium Enlighten Whitening).

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