Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover - Before
Smile Makeover - After

The smile of your dreams is not as far away as it seems!

Smile Makeovers may require the same three procedures as the Smile Enhancement treatment, but with two additions… You may require Dental Implants or Dentures added to replace any missing teeth.

And finally, instead of composite veneers, we shall apply Ceramic Veneers to create your new smile. With a little more time and investment why not treat yourself to the aesthetically amazing porcelain veneers. They provide a translucency similar to enamel which allows us to mimic natural tooth shades and shapes with perfect precision. Plus, the bonus is that porcelain veneers require no further maintenance apart from routine hygiene appointments. These are the perfect choice if you are seeking the ultimate cosmetic transformation of your smile.

The Smile Makeover treatment requires around 3 to 6 months, depending on your individual situation. Our fees for this treatment start at £7,950 and we can calculate the exact amount for your personal, bespoke treatment after a consultation with us. Affordable payment plans extending over 60 months, subject to status, are also available.

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